Future & Young Thug – Mink Flow

Future & Young Thug – Mink Flow mp3 Download

Future & Young Thug – Mink Flow mp3 Download

The future and young bullying, the world coated with the surprise release of cooperative Mexstap, Super Slimy. As Mickapab suggests slowly, the mud is super thick on this one. It flows out of their cups in the form of a codeine syrup and both artists often chill as their deputy of choice. They wrap their voices, supposed to be changed by syrup, into a future.

The state of the future is transformed by technology into an auto-tunable tune that takes Yang bullying animation already square in territory like Cyborg (“Mink Flow”). And it’s soaked in content, which, if you know anything about the mental jaw anesthesia that inspires the sound of the city trap, always soaked in mud.

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